Electric Power Systems

  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution;
  • Industrial Electric Systems;
  • Earthing and ADPS;
  • No-break and UPS Systems;
  • Rectification and DC Systems;

Utilities and HVAC

  • Industrial utilities: steam, thermal fluids, cold and hot water, compressed air, electricity, etc;
  • Chilled water centrals;
  • Heating, Ventilation and Ar Conditioning Systems;

Power Generation and Energy Conservation

  • Thermal Power Plants and Cogeneration Plants;
  • Emergency and Back-up Power Generation;
  • Small Hydro Power Plants;
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources;

Process and Environment

  • Combustion, Drying, Calcining, etc.
  • Chemical, Petrochemical and Carbochemical Processes;
  • Flue gas treatment;
  • Waste management;

Software and System Simulation

  • Electrical Calculations;
  • Thermodynamic Calculations;
  • System Optimization;
  • Training Simulators;